Research shows that we are more likely to end up with our exes than we are not. In fact, many couples who are considered to be in a strong relationship, have actually broken up at some point in their past. So, if you are busy looking up text your ex back reviews, and reasons why you should try and get back with your ex, then take solace in the fact that you are not alone in this venture. It is actually more common than you would imagine. Here are some simple tips that will help you get back with your ex.

Sad couple sitting holding two halves of broken heart

Tips on getting back with your ex

Give them the space they need You simply cannot bombard your ex with texts and phone calls from the get-go. You need to let them breathe for a little while. Maybe two weeks or so. This way, both of you can take the time to put things into perspective and realize that you actually miss each other.

  • Understand why you are broken up in the first place No one is willing to go back to the same old drudge. If you do not understand why your partner left you in the first place, then you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes and end up in the very same place a short time down the line. You need to take a hard look at your past relationship and their reason for leaving.
  • Once you understand this, then you can start working on it and try to show them that you are changed. Do what they used to love There is a reason they fell for you in the first place.
  • Maybe you were funny, maybe you were attentive, maybe you treated her or him like a queen or king, either way, remember what made you attractive in the first place and go back to that Chances are very high that she/he will still like those personality traits.
  • Re-invent yourself You need to make yourself better and you need to let them see that Go to the gym, get a hair cut, buy some new clothes and try harder to be a better version of you Showing them that you are doing just fine is one way to get them attracted to you again and make your ex want you back.


  • No one prefers dating a train wreck. Show them that you can be great again. Ask them out Start all over again. Do not go with the let’s start where we left off’ mentality. You have to woo them all over again. Ask them out on a date.
  • Call them when you say you will call them and generally treat them like the most valuable person in the world. These are just some simple tips on how to successfully get your ex back.

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